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New Colorado drug law would mean another reason to see doctor

On Behalf of | Apr 28, 2011 | Drug Charges |

Don’t you ever get tired of how even the little things in life can get complicated? Sometimes, it is the very laws of the state that put hoops in front of us to jump through in order to get the simplest things done.

Some believe that a Colorado legislative proposal regarding drug laws goes too far in limiting freedoms. If passed, a common cold or flu will no longer be in your control alone to fix. Getting a drug that you rely on to relieve your congestion or fever will be a task. Just what you need when you are feeling lousy, right?

Today, the Colorado Senate will consider a legislative proposal that is meant to prevent the production and use of methamphetamine throughout the state. In order to do that, the bill would only make the purchase of certain cold medicines available for people who have a doctor’s prescription for the drugs.

Medicines like Sudafed are purchased by some who use the drug to make the illegal drug methamphetamine. Colorado and other states already have tried to avoid that illegal activity by not selling certain cold medicines on the shelves. They are kept behind a counter, and store employees must help consumers in order for the medicine to be purchased.

Apparently, that limitation regarding the medicines hasn’t been enough in the eyes of certain Colorado lawmakers. They think that making the medicine available only via prescription is a necessary step to prevent the making, selling and use of meth.

If the new drug law is passed, Colorado would be only one of a few states that make it this difficult to buy cold medicine.

Critics of the proposed change in law argue that it’s an unnecessary limitation on people’s freedoms, when only a minority group of the population actually abuses the law. Some also worry that the change would mean more money in doctor visits.

What do you think about the proposal? Does it sound like a good idea? Why or why not?


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