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Alleged sex assault in Denver airport upsets community

On Behalf of | Apr 15, 2011 | Sexual Assault |

Late Monday night, a woman reportedly missed her flight from the Denver International Airport. It was after that when the woman claims she was attacked by a man in the airport. She alleges that the suspect, a former Marine, raped her in an airport concourse while others around failed to help her as she expected.

The report of the Denver sexual assault has obviously stirred up heated emotions among the Colorado community and beyond. In this particular case, the public wonders how the assault supposedly happened with the security measures in place at the airport.

According to news reports, the investigation into the alleged rape has revealed that several security cameras are set up in the area where the woman claims that the assault took place. At this point, however, officials have not confirmed whether the cameras support the supposed victim’s rape claim.

If the woman’s story is supported by the recordings, that evidence could make for a strong case against the defendant, who was arrested and charged with third-degree sexual assault. But sources report that the numerous cameras in the airport might give off a misleading perception of security to the public and might not be any help in this case.

An aviation professor and former assistant security director for the Denver International Airport says that the cameras in the facility are not really meant for live use. The likelihood that someone would be watching a camera to see and stop an incident is low, he claims. Another source points out how the cameras usually record exits and entrances for security breach purposes, meaning that it’s possible that a camera wasn’t aimed at the scene of the reported sex assault.

The investigation into this Denver case is ongoing. When there are new developments in the story, we will post an update.


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