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March 2020 Archives

Handling a traffic stop: what can you refuse?

Traffic stops can be scary. When a police officer asks us to do something, most of us are inclined to do it automatically. However, there are times when granting a request can have serious negative consequences.

When Can A Police Officer Use Force?

As agents of the law, police officers can use physical force to restrain suspects. However, there are limits to the amount of force that they can use. Furthermore, officers must have a legitimate reason to apply any force whatsoever.

Spotlighting CO vehicular assault and vehicular homicide charges

Traffic-tied criminal charges in Colorado run a broad and varied gamut, with consequences that can range from the relatively inconsequential to, well, something else.

Can I have my ignition interlock device removed early?

Ignition interlock devices are installed in vehicles to prevent drivers from operating their vehicle while under the influence of alcohol. This is a safety measure used across the nation, and many states require installation of an ignition interlock after a certain number of drunk driving offenses. Colorado is one of those states.

Should sexual assault statutes of limitations be removed?

Over the last few years, accusations and charges of sexual assault have become more public and robustly reported in the media. Lately, states have been considering potential changes to their statute of limitations laws.

What does it mean that Colorado de-felonized drug possession charges?

Last spring, bill HB 19-1263 was signed and became Colorado law. On March 1st, 2020, the law officially went into effect. HB 19-1263 reclassifies the offense of possession of schedule I or II substances as a level-one drug misdemeanor. Does this mean that if law enforcement pulls you over with heroin in your possession, you will not face felony charges? Not necessarily…

How serious is a reckless driving charge?

Because of how often we drive, the road can be one of the easiest places to get in trouble with the law. Even the safest driver can get pulled over, if they drive every day.

Colorado corrections leaders rethink the release system for inmates

After nearly a year in his position as the Colorado Department of Corrections Director, Dean Williams is already looking to make a difference in the prison system. There is a concern for how well inmates adjust to life on the outside once released, especially in the case of those adults who serve long-term sentences. This of course is not a new concern for those involved in the justice system, but Director Williams would like to see changes implemented in Colorado.

Are you required to give phone data to police?

For many people, much or all of their lives are documented on their cellphones, making those devices a likely target for law enforcement agencies that believe they have committed a crime. But it may not be as simple as police or the FBI getting a warrant to get that information.

Local police officer will not face DUI charges

Last year, Denver news stations reported on an incident regarding an intoxicated Aurora Police Department (ADP) Officer who was found unconscious on duty. Now, news has surfaced that the officer will not face DUI charges, despite being found in his patrol car.