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Considerations, answers surrounding Colorado’s varied assault laws

On Behalf of | Mar 19, 2020 | Felony Assault |

Facts matter.

Proven defense attorneys know that. They especially appreciate that parsing out “what really happened” concerning a client’s criminal charge is critically important when a matter is inherently complex.

As assault charges often are. Indeed, the realm of criminal assault in Colorado can seem immediately murky, with any given case being susceptible to varied interpretations regarding key facts.

Which of those assessments prevails can make a material difference to an individual facing one of Colorado’s many types of assault charges.

The broad universe of criminal assault charges in Colorado

What emerges as immediately apparent from scrutiny of criminal assault in Colorado are its myriad classifications. They centrally include these alleged crimes:

  • First degree assault (a felony charge linked with an intent to cause “serious bodily injury” to another person, often involving a weapon)
  • Second degree assault (also a felony, with a lesser degree of harm than first degree assault)
  • Third degree assault (a misdemeanor offense charging a person with knowingly or recklessly causing bodily harm)
  • Additional types of assault aimed at specific conduct (e.g., vehicular assault)

The consequences tied to an assault conviction are varied and often severe. A first-degree assault conviction, for conviction, can yield a decades-long prison sentence.

Given the downside implications, it is often urgently important for an accused offender to timely and proactively consult with an aggressive and results-oriented Colorado defense team.

An in-depth online overview of assault underscores that need. It stresses that, “The more time that an attorney has on your case, the more likely [that advocate] will find weaknesses in the government’s evidence.”