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Can I have my ignition interlock device removed early?

On Behalf of | Mar 30, 2020 | Repeat DUI/DWAI Offenders |

Ignition interlock devices are installed in vehicles to prevent drivers from operating their vehicle while under the influence of alcohol. This is a safety measure used across the nation, and many states require installation of an ignition interlock after a certain number of drunk driving offenses. Colorado is one of those states.

The standard timeframe for an ignition interlock device

Colorado considers driving with a blood alcohol content (BAC) of 0.08 or higher to be driving under the influence (DUI). Accruing a second DUI conviction will result in a mandatory interlock ignition device for two years.

According to the Colorado Division of Motor Vehicles, if your BAC is above 0.15 – even if it is your first DUI offense – conviction will result in a two-year interlock requirement. Depending on your circumstance, a lower BAC could result in an eight-month interlock requirement.

Conditions for an early removal of your interlock device

You may qualify for an early removal of your interlock device if your BAC was under 0.15, you were only sentenced to an eight-month interlock requirement and you have completed four months of successful driving.

“Four months of successful driving,” according to the Colorado DMV, is a four-month period in which your interlock device did not detect alcohol or was otherwise interrupted. This also includes four months of no device tampering. In Colorado, the punishment for interlock device tampering is the revocation of driving privileges.

While the state may consider punishment for DUIs and related offenses to be appropriate for the crime, there are ways that an attorney can help you avoid certain penalties and even jail time. It is important that you understand your rights – and your options.