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October 2016 Archives

What can a plea bargain do for you?

If you decide that a plea bargain is something you want to do in your case, you need to understand the different parts of the charge that you can actually negotiate. First, you have charge bargaining, which involves the negotiation of your charges. Here's an example: If you are charged with first-degree murder, you may defend yourself by saying that you will plead guilty in exchange for a lesser sentence such as one for second-degree murder or manslaughter. What's the point of this? The lesser charges tend to have shorter prison sentences and alternative sentences that you can receive. If there is evidence against you, and possibly enough to sway a jury, this can be a good option.

Traffic violations might be life-altering events

In a previous blog post, we discussed some of the ways that traffic violations can affect your life. In that post, we covered some of the impacts that traffic violations can have on your job. Some workers, such as big rig drivers and delivery drivers, depend on having a clean driving record. Even a seemingly small traffic violation can stop a person from being able to work in those fields.

Former narcotics sergeant faces drug charges

It is one American citizens' most precious rights to be have an attorney represent them, regardless of their status in a community or the nature of the charges that they may be facing. More often than not this precious right comes to bear for those we do not expect, and exactly that scenario is playing out in Denver.

Why your job might be affected after traffic violations

If you're involved in a truck accident, you're already likely worried about how it will affect your personal life as well as your work. Your employer may have strict rules about what happens if you're in a crash, and if you're cited with a traffic violation, you could be put on probation at work or worse. If you were at fault, you could be held liable for any injuries you caused someone else in the accident, which is why it's important never to admit fault at the scene. Allow the police time to review the accident and the insurance companies time to finish their own investigations.

Plan for holiday parties now to avoid problems later

The holidays are just around the corner, and that means that it is time to start planning the social events. Many of these social events, including Halloween parties, will include alcohol. If you plan on drinking alcoholic beverage, now is the time that you should start planning how to get home.

What are the penalties for sexual assault?

If you're accused of sexual assault, then you could face a number of serious penalties. You have a chance to defend yourself, and you should take the time to understand the penalties you could face if you decide not to. With the right defense, you may be able to lower the charges against you or even have them dismissed.

Federal agents arrest 54 in Denver heroin bust

Federal agents made a major breakthrough in a long-term operation that targeted heroin trafficking in and around Denver. The three-month long operation culminated in the arrest of 54 individuals. U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, the agency undertaking the operation, was specifically targeting immigrants who were in Colorado illegally.

Fight against prison and fines of a felony DUI case

In our previous blog post, we discussed the fact that Colorado law allows judges discretion when they are handling felony DUI cases. That means that the case you present as your defense could have a big impact on the sentence you receive if you are convicted of the crime. The fact is that any DUI charge can severely impact your entire life.

Denver felony DUI law allows judges discretion

Colorado is a state that is often willing to make bold legal moves that produce skepticism both within the state and without. While the notion of "controversial legislation" may immediately bring to mind Colorado's progressive legislation regarding the recreational use of certain substances, for many in the Centennial State, 2015 legislation concerning Felony DUI's is being called on re-evaluation.