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Former narcotics sergeant faces drug charges

| Oct 26, 2016 | Drug Possession

It is one American citizens’ most precious rights to be have an attorney represent them, regardless of their status in a community or the nature of the charges that they may be facing. More often than not this precious right comes to bear for those we do not expect, and exactly that scenario is playing out in Denver.

Recently, a man who formerly served in the Denver Police Department as a narcotics sergeant was charged with multiple felony drug crimes that allegedly stem from illegal marijuana distribution, among other things. The former sergeant in question has been charged with marijuana or concentrate possession with intent to distribute, misdemeanor and felony counts of marijuana possession, and methamphetamine possession.

On Sept. 22, the man’s house was searched under a warrant issued after his neighbors filed complaints of marijuana odor. Once inside, police reported finding in excess of two pounds of marijuana, as well as methamphetamine and associated paraphernalia. While the police were in the process of searching the home, the former sergeant drove past the home and was subsequently pulled over and placed under arrest.

Although the man had formerly served on the DPD, he been removed from duty and had his badge revoked a couple of years prior to the arrest, after he faced charges for threatening the life of girlfriend. However, local sources indicate that he would occasionally still invoke his badge.

While this case features a certain level of narrative intrigue due to the man’s employment history and the nature of his charges, he deserves to receive an excellent criminal defense just like anyone else. If you or anyone you know is being charged with a drug crime, or any crime at all, you also deserve to exercise this right. The guidance of an experienced criminal defense attorney can help you protect your rights as you explore your options.

Source: Denver ABC 7, “Former Denver narcotics sergeant charged with illegal drug possession,” Blair Miller, Sep. 29, 2016


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