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January 2014 Archives

Super Bowl Sunday will mean DUI arrests for many in Colorado

Denver Broncos fans have waited more than 15 years to see their team in the Super Bowl, and it is finally happening this weekend. But with all of the excitement, don't forget to arrange a sober ride if you plan on drinking while watching the big game.

Driver accused of DUI after hitting police officer in Denver

Earlier this week, a Denver police officer was injured when a car reportedly hit them while the officer was conducting a traffic stop. Police say the person who was driving the car maybe have been under the influence. Police arrested the driver and didn't provide more information.

Justin Bieber arrested for alleged DUI

Earlier this morning, pop-star Justin Bieber was arrested for alleged driving under the influence and drag-racing, in another state. Police in the state impounded the car he was driving and the car of the other driver involved in the alleged drag-racing.

Colorado Speeding tickets hurt less than other states

As a Colorado Criminal Defense attorney not much truly shocks me anymore. Occasionally a situation arises that truly blows my mind. That time has arrived again in a truly shocking event. This "event" is not a grotesque revelation surrounding my latest Sex Assault, Child Abuse, Domestic Violence, or even my latest DUI case. Rather this shocking event surrounds the police and a simple traffic stop. Specifically, a New Mexico law enforcement agency received a search warrant after their drug dog had a hit on a possible suspect.

Denver Makes Money off You, It's called Nuisance Abatement

If you drive a car in the City of Denver, be careful. One minute you could be driving down Broadway looking around Civic Center Park and the next thing you know your car could be impounded. Want your car back? Sure, says the City of Denver. They'll be happy to give it back to you so long as you provide the city thousands of your hard earned dollars. This controversial Denver ordinance is called "nuisance abatement" (sometimes mistakenly called Nuisance and Abatement) and it has cost the citizens of Denver millions of dollars over the past few years. The theory behind this ordinance is that the City of Denver is trying to deny "criminals" the use of real or personal property that may further criminal activity, i.e. your car. A public nuisance is defined as any real property or vehicle where criminal activity occurs. This is a civil action; meaning proof beyond a reasonable doubt is not necessary. To make matters worse, innocence is NOT a factor. In the policy statement of the ordinance "The remedies provided...are directed at the property involved without regard to...innocence of those who hold (rights to the property). And "it shall be unlawful for any owner to prevent, or otherwise let happen, any Class One Nuisance on any property in which they hold any legal interest." That means even if your case is dismissed the city will still try to make you pay thousands of dollars in the attempt to get your vehicle back. So just what reason can the City of Denver take your car?

Large percentage of men arrested before age 23

Many people would be surprised to find out how many people are arrested at a young age. According to a recent study, nearly 50 percent of black men and 40 percent of white men are arrested before the age of 23. These arrests were for non-traffic crimes.

Man pleads guilty to Colorado vehicular homicide, assault

According to a recent report, a man pleaded guilty this week to serious charges involving the death of a 65-year-old man. The man pleaded guilty to driving under the influence, vehicular homicide and vehicular assault. Now, the man is facing serious prison time.

Increasing Colorado DUI penalties might not reduce cases

Repeat drunk driving offenders in Colorado might see an increase in penalties in the future. According to an editorial in the Denver Post this week, State Rep. Mark Waller will try again to have legislation passed this year that would add a felony DUI charge to Colorado law.

Man accused of being stoned, causing crash with Colorado troopers

Legalized marijuana in Colorado has only been in place for half of a month, but police are already accusing a man of causing a crash with Colorado State Patrol troopers while he was under the influence of drugs. They say he was most likely high from marijuana, although no test results were listed in a news report.

Broncos' Hillman faces traffic ticket for driving without license

These days, fans of the Denver Broncos are probably most focused on the team's ongoing playoff bout. Although the Broncos have had a successful season on the field, one player temporarily ran into difficulty off the field. Ronnie Hillman, a backup running back, was cited by a police officer for a misdemeanor traffic violation.

The evolution of marijuana and the legal process

Seventy-seven years ago the first federal conviction for the sale of marijuana took place. Many would never have guessed that this conviction happened in Colorado, which ironically became the first state to legalize the sale of recreational marijuana last week. Where prohibition on marijuana started in the United States, it now seems to be ending.

You mean nobody HAS EVER ACCUSED YOU and been wrong before?

As a Colorado criminal defense attorneys we are often called upon to defend people who are accused of some of the most terrible crimes. Inevitably people will ask us, 'How can you defend someone accused of such a crime?!'Accused. It is a word whose meaning is overlooked everyday.

Man charged with vehicular homicide, assault after Denver crash

On Christmas Day, a fatal car accident resulted in one death and injuries to three other people in Denver. Police say that a woman driving a minivan was killed and two children were injured in the crash.

Labeled sexual predators may face future accusations

A man was arrested after a pepper spray incident last week in Denver. Police say a man, who may have a history of sexually violent crimes, used pepper spray on a woman and tried to steal her car. They say the man approached the woman, demanded her keys, sprayed her and then fled on foot when the woman fought with him.