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Driver accused of DUI after hitting police officer in Denver

On Behalf of | Jan 24, 2014 | Drunk Driving Charges |

Earlier this week, a Denver police officer was injured when a car reportedly hit them while the officer was conducting a traffic stop. Police say the person who was driving the car maybe have been under the influence. Police arrested the driver and didn’t provide more information.

When someone is accused of drunk driving, they might face severe penalties and have to answer many questions regarding their arrest. They might have to speak to family, friends, employers and professional organizations about their arrest. This can be extremely embarrassing. However, it is important that the accused person remains focused on forming a rigorous defense.

In this case the incident in Denver involved injury to a police officer. This could increase the charges that might be pursued. Speaking with an attorney after any arrest is a good idea. However, it is even more important when facing charges that might include vehicular assault and drunk driving.

Accusations can sometimes jeopardize a person’s career. When they need to explain why their name is in the news, it might be very difficult. An attorney can advise a person on steps they might take to protect their reputation. They can examine evidence that might be presented against the person in court. Sometimes prosecutors use evidence that shouldn’t be admitted into court.

This evidence can sometimes be thrown out and ensure a person isn’t the subject of a wrongful conviction. If they are convicted an appeal might be filed if new evidence can be presented or if a mistake was made at trial.

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