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Justin Bieber arrested for alleged DUI

On Behalf of | Jan 23, 2014 | Underage Drinking and Driving |

Earlier this morning, pop-star Justin Bieber was arrested for alleged driving under the influence and drag-racing, in another state. Police in the state impounded the car he was driving and the car of the other driver involved in the alleged drag-racing.

This arrest comes after a string of incidents that have led to bad publicity for the pop-star. According to the police chief, the Bieber had admitted to taking prescription medication, smoking marijuana and drinking. He is also under the legal drinking age. Authorities also say he was driving nearly double the speed limit. Results of a Breathalyzer haven’t been released to the public.

Arrests can not only result in legal issues, but a conviction of a DUI charge can lead to a person serving a sentence. When someone has an international career, they might be unable to travel as a result of their conviction. In this case, Bieber is a Canadian citizen, but his immigration status likely wouldn’t be at risk.

When people admit to wrongdoing, it can be very difficult to form a defense. Speaking with police before talking to an attorney can result in a person providing information which would later be used against them in court.

An attorney can be with the person after their arrest to ensure they understand their rights and the court process. They can also ensure the person doesn’t answer potentially incriminating questions. Speaking to an attorney is everyone’s right, and it is important that people don’t admit to guilt or enter a plea before fully understanding how that will affect their case and potential sentence.

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