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July 2013 Archives

Denver area woman charged with vehicular homicide

After an accident last May, the pedestrian involved in the accident died. The woman who is accused of hitting and killing the man has now been charged with drunk driving and vehicular homicide in Denver. These charges are extremely serious and the woman could face many years in prison, along with many other consequences if she is convicted.

FBI conducts sex trafficking crackdown

Sex trafficking does not dominate headlines in Denver, but it is a pervasive (and insidious) practice that can ruin many innocent lives. The FBI does not commonly pursue prostitution cases when they involve adults, because they usually leave these types of crimes to state and local law enforcement agencies. 

Man faces severe charges after traffic stop for speeding in CO

A Colorado man was arrested after a traffic stop late last week. Police say that the man was arrested for being a habitual traffic violator. However, the man was charged with very serious crimes after police searched his vehicle and allegedly found stolen Social Security cards, financial documents, drug paraphernalia and a mailbox.

Police officer charged with drug crimes after FBI sting

A man was arrested after allegedly buying drugs from someone who was working as a Federal Bureau of Investigation informant. The man who was arrested happens to be a police officer, which makes the charges he will face even more severe.

Woman charged with vehicular homicide after DUI accident

Drunk driving accidents are tragedies in and of themselves, but the frustration for law enforcement (and the families of drunk driving victims) is that they are entirely preventable. This frustration may be part of the reason behind criminal charges when a DUI accident occurs.

Colorado city councilman resigns after alleged domestic violence

When someone is accused of domestic violence, they might be overwhelmed with emotions and nervous about the legal process. Sometimes these accusations can result in a person having to spend time apart from their loved one, and might even cause difficult situations at a person's place of employment.

Hair samples, testimony getting attention from FBI

Criminal investigation shows, like the "CSI" series, have remained wildly popular over the past several prime time television seasons. A lot of our readers in Colorado may even be a fan of one series or another. While it works for dramatic purposes, a single drop of motor oil or minute piece of purple thread does not conclusively prove guilt.

Broncos executives suspended after DUI arrests

The Denver Broncos expressed anger, frustration and embarrasment following the drunk driving arrests of two of their top lieutenants, Matt Russell, director of player personnel and Tom Heckert, director of pro personnel. Now that the initial emotions have subsided, the discipline will be handed down. 

How will wearable technology affect drug, other crime cases?

In another state, a fight reportedly broke out in a busy public area. People instantly got out their cell phones, trying to record the incident. However, one person was wearing a camera in a device that looked like a pair of glasses. This device, called Google Glass, might just change the way police conduct their arrests, and how evidence is admitted into court cases.

Second Broncos executive arrested for drunk driving

Broncos fans eagerly awaiting the start of training camp this month were not likely happy with the news about their team; especially compared to last year (when Peyton Manning returned after sitting out the 2011 season). Instead, they are hearing about irresponsibility at high levels of the organization.

Denver Broncos executive arrested for alleged drunk driving

When someone is arrested for a drunk driving charge, they might think that their job won't be affected, or that the situation will disappear and not draw attention. However, sometimes just accusations of drunk driving can hurt a person's reputation, especially if they are employed in a very public role, where personal and public lives can sometimes mix.

Federal government still unclear on Colorado marijuana law

It has been over half a year since Colorado legalized marijuana usage for recreational purposes. Yet, the federal government is still struggling to take up a stance on whether marijuana legalization in some states would be allowed, or how it should be handled by the federal government if states do pass measures toward legalization, as Colorado did.

Holiday DUI enforcement starts today

"Be smart about your decisions this weekend" was the proclimation set forth by Darrell Lingk, who is the Director of Transportation Safety for the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT). As we reported last week, law enforcement agencies across the state are gearing up for what is arguably the most dangerous weekend of the summer.

Two arrested for alleged Denver area burglaries

Police followed a car last week and arrested the two people inside, who were later charged with burglary. Authorities say that the arrests were the result of an extensive investigation. This investigation reportedly led the police to arrest the two as they were pulling their car into a neighborhood, which police accuse the two of being the next area they would steal from, although it is unclear why police thought this.