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Colorado city councilman resigns after alleged domestic violence

On Behalf of | Jul 23, 2013 | Domestic Violence |

When someone is accused of domestic violence, they might be overwhelmed with emotions and nervous about the legal process. Sometimes these accusations can result in a person having to spend time apart from their loved one, and might even cause difficult situations at a person’s place of employment.

A Grand Junction City Councilman was arrested in April for accusations of domestic violence. He has now resigned from his position on the city council, in a move that might end his public career. When someone is in a public position, their personal and professional lives might blur.

Accusations of domestic violence can have an emotional impact on all of those involved. Many times these incidents are a misunderstanding of a situation, which then results in police being called. Despite police not being there, they might still assume a person committed a crime and arrest them.

While it is important in cases of domestic violence to be sensitive of the situation, it is equally important that a person who is accused of a serious crime has an opportunity to defend themselves. This defense might include analyzing evidence that might be used against a person and looking at how the person was treated during their arrest. Sometimes police mistreat individuals, or say or do things that violate their rights. Any violation in a person’s rights might result in their wrongful conviction. This can lead to time in prison or severe fines. Speaking with an experienced attorney can help prevent a wrongful conviction and the penalties that might go with a conviction.

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