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Woman charged with vehicular homicide after DUI accident

On Behalf of | Jul 25, 2013 | Vehicular Assault or Homicide |

Drunk driving accidents are tragedies in and of themselves, but the frustration for law enforcement (and the families of drunk driving victims) is that they are entirely preventable. This frustration may be part of the reason behind criminal charges when a DUI accident occurs.

After all, law enforcement agencies (including state and county prosecutors) are held to the expectation that these charges help to keep the public safe by taking offending drivers off the road. This is especially the case during the summer months when drunk driving is prevalent.

Such is likely the case with a Denver woman who is now charged with criminal vehicular homicide and DUI. The 27-year-old was involved in an accident where she is accused of hitting a pedestrian in a Denver intersection. The accident occurred on May 24th at South Havana Street and Exposition Boulevard according to various media reports. 

The pedestrian later died from the injuries suffered in the accident. 

The woman faces prison time based on both charges. As such, it is critical to mount a defense that examines the circumstances surrounding the accident to ensure that all the facts are properly obtained (including the driver’s blood alcohol content, and any video surveillance showing how the accident occurred). Also an experienced criminal defense attorney can negotiate a proper plea agreement that will enable the defendant to get the proper treatment for alcohol issues while serving the prosecution’s need to see justice be served. 

It remains to be seen what other facts will be released about the situation. As of now, no pleas have been entered.

Source: DenverPost.com, Denver DA charges woman fatally hitting pedestrian, July 22, 2013