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How will wearable technology affect drug, other crime cases?

On Behalf of | Jul 11, 2013 | Drug Charges |

In another state, a fight reportedly broke out in a busy public area. People instantly got out their cell phones, trying to record the incident. However, one person was wearing a camera in a device that looked like a pair of glasses. This device, called Google Glass, might just change the way police conduct their arrests, and how evidence is admitted into court cases.

Imagine, all police activity across the country, being recorded just as police see things. This could have many different effects. Would this harm people who don’t understand that they are being recorded? What about cases in which a person is arrested for a drug crime, or even a traffic stop?


In Denver, a person could be arrested and police might make a report that says one thing, but it isn’t exactly what happened. This police report, even if incorrect, might be used to help convict a person. These reports are also often the primary source for many news reports on arrests. A recording of the incident can help hold police accountable.

Speaking with an experienced Denver area criminal defense attorney can also help a person understand their rights, evaluate evidence that might be used against them, and hold police accountable for their actions. If police violate a law or procedure during an arrest, they might hurt a person’s ability to have a fair trial. An attorney can explore options to have charges dropped or reduced if a fair trial might not be possible, depending on each individual case.

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