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December 2012 Archives

Domestic assault charges dropped against official

A government official was charged regarding a domestic dispute situation, but the charges have since been dropped. The simple assault and harassment charges against the 33-year old man were dropped after the purported victim refused to testify at a preliminary hearing.

Colorado traffic violations and the point system

When viewing the local police reports in Colorado localities, one is struck by the number of traffic offenses that individuals can be charged with. Not only might it be difficult for a driver to understand all of the possible ways that they can be charged, the offenses are often dependent upon subjective observations of the arresting officers, and the fines that the alleged violators face can also often be significant.

False allegations of serious crimes

A reporter recently has taken the media to task for rushing to judgment when reporting about serious crimes. He cites a number of recent instances where the suspect was either misidentified, or when facts surrounding the crime turned out to be untrue.

Can drunk driving courts make roads safer?

Drunk driving prevention is a central theme in public safety advertisements during the holiday season, primarily because more lives are lost during the holidays to drunk driving accidents than other times of the year. While much will be said about the dangers of getting behind the wheel after having a few glasses of wine, and the social costs drunk driving, not much is said about howDUI courts work.

Extreme BAC results questioned in official's drunk-driving arrest

When police responded to a call about a woman with a flat tire in Los Angeles recently, they claim to have noticed signs that the 33-year-old driver was intoxicated, and she was arrested under suspicion of driving under the influence. The police say she had a blood-alcohol content of .19 -- more than twice the legal limit. Her 11-year-old daughter was also in the car, which added a count of child endangerment to the criminal charges the driver faces.

Aspen teacher's career on the line after drug charges

For some people, even the hint of impropriety is enough to end their careers. These jobs typically are in the public eye or are in positions of influence. Teachers are prime examples of Coloradoans who are especially sensitive to bad press. Even when there is little to no evidence of wrongdoing, just an arrest is often enough to seriously threaten a teacher's career. An Aspen middle school teacher has already been suspended after he was arrested on charges of driving under the influence and cocaine possession.

Denver police officer argues no DNA evidence supports rape charge

It doesn't matter who you are, if you are charged with a crime, there needs to be enough reliable evidence to convince a jury, beyond a reasonable doubt, that you committed the crime prosecutors are accusing you of. This holds true if you are an ordinary Denver resident or someone in a position of power, like a police officer with the Denver Police Department. Unfortunately for one Denver officer, the prosecutor is trying very hard to sidestep that evidentiary requirement.

Driving under the influence of marijuana still illegal in Colorado

While some residents celebrate Colorado State Amendment 64, Colorado law enforcement and government officials still raise some concerns. The amendment was passed by a majority vote during the most recent election and removed most of Colorado's legal penalties when it comes to possession of a small amount of marijuana. However, it is not quite a smoker's free-for-all as there are still many unknowns facing Colorado's law enforcement.

Some counties still prosecuting low level marijuana cases

Though we recently wrote about how one county intends to quit prosecuting a number of marijuana cases, not all counties in Colorado are on board with that idea. A prosecutor for Weld County, about 70 miles north of Denver, announced his intentions to continue prosecuting 120 individuals now facing charges for possession of relatively small amounts of marijuana.

Man impaled by drunk driver who was a drug counselor

We have heard of many bizarre stories about drunk driving. We may laugh at some of the antics that come about, others are downright appalling. The story of a California woman driving drunk and hitting a pedestrian and who allegedly kept going (while the person was stuck to the car) falls in the latter category.

Jury brings back 'not guilty' verdict in sexual assault case

A jury recently found a doctor accused of domestic violence and sexual assault by his wife not guilty. However, the charges have not come without a cost. The doctor has had his medical license suspended, and he is currently involved in a divorce and child custody proceeding with his wife.