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Aspen teacher’s career on the line after drug charges

On Behalf of | Dec 17, 2012 | Drug Charges |

For some people, even the hint of impropriety is enough to end their careers. These jobs typically are in the public eye or are in positions of influence. Teachers are prime examples of Coloradoans who are especially sensitive to bad press. Even when there is little to no evidence of wrongdoing, just an arrest is often enough to seriously threaten a teacher’s career. An Aspen middle school teacher has already been suspended after he was arrested on charges of driving under the influence and cocaine possession.

The facts of his arrest are still fairly unclear. The Denver Post does not report why police pulled the fifth grade teacher over, what suspicion they had to demand a sobriety test of him and what authority they had to presumably search his vehicle. Nor is there any information about where police allegedly found cocaine or what the teacher’s blood-alcohol content was.

Currently, the teacher has been placed on administrative leave. It is possible that he was prematurely arrested and is now paying the consequence. The 45 year old’s school district superintendent has announced that the teacher will be the focus of an internal investigation, meaning that even if charges are dropped or the teacher is acquitted, he could still face disciplinary action or lose his job with the school.

Even for people outside of the teaching profession, cocaine possession charges are quite serious. They can lead to state or federal crimes; they can also have years of punishment. Regardless of what the punishment is, anyone convicted of cocaine possession will have a permanent criminal record, something that will follow him or her around for the rest of his or her life.

Source: The Denver Post, “Aspen teacher charged with cocaine possession,” Rick Carroll and Jeanne McGovern, Dec. 11, 2012

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