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Domestic assault charges dropped against official

On Behalf of | Dec 26, 2012 | Domestic Violence |

A government official was charged regarding a domestic dispute situation, but the charges have since been dropped. The simple assault and harassment charges against the 33-year old man were dropped after the purported victim refused to testify at a preliminary hearing.

However, though the charges were dropped, the arrest did not come without a price. The man was suspended without pay from his $101,000 a year job. The pay was held up until the domestic violence charges were investigated and the matter resolved. There is still no word as to whether he will be able to return to his position.

Domestic violence is a major problem in our nation, and any charges made that domestic violence occurred must be taken seriously and thoroughly investigated. However, simply because the charge of domestic violence was made does not mean that the accusations are true.

False accusations of domestic violence will never benefit actual victims of domestic violence or abuse. In fact, such false accusations will cast doubt on all other accusations made.

Though we may never know for sure whether the accusations against this individual were true, our criminal justice system is set up so that the guilty have the right to face their accusers in a court of law. This would give the accused individual’s attorney an opportunity to examine the accuser and determine whether the testimony is credible.

Individuals found guilty of domestic violence can face long time imprisonment, humiliation, loss of job, etc. That is why any evidence presented at trial supporting such a prosecution needs to be relevant and convincing.

Source: WITF, “Domestic violence charges dropped against Public Welfare official,” Nov. 27, 2012

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