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Colorado traffic violations and the point system

On Behalf of | Dec 24, 2012 | Traffic Violations |

When viewing the local police reports in Colorado localities, one is struck by the number of traffic offenses that individuals can be charged with. Not only might it be difficult for a driver to understand all of the possible ways that they can be charged, the offenses are often dependent upon subjective observations of the arresting officers, and the fines that the alleged violators face can also often be significant.

One Colorado individual faces a fine of $750 for supposedly exceeding the safe speed for conditions and not having “compulsory insurance.” Other individuals are charged for unsafe backing, following too closely, for failing to stop at a stop sign, and driving with defective license plates where the number on the plate was apparently not clearly visible.

Accompanying all of these violations is a point quota that can be used against the driver at a later date if they are again arrested for a traffic violation. Too many points accumulated in a particular period can result in one’s driver’s license being suspended.

It needs to be understood that every violation may ultimately affect one’s ability to continue driving upon the Colorado roads. Thus, even though one violation alone may not bring along a significant fine, the points accumulated due to that violation become more significant over time.

It’s for this reason that attorneys can help individuals out when it comes to traffic offenses. If an attorney can help eliminate at least one such violation, it could mean the avoiding of significant fines and long term license suspensions.

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