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July 2012 Archives

Colorado DUI case against driver gets no help from local bars

Next time you are at a bar getting a drink, consider the fact that the bartender or other employees there might become part of a DUI investigation against you. If you wind up being pulled over, investigated and arrested for allegedly drunk driving, authorities might want to go to the source of the alcohol in order to fully stock their pile of evidence against a driver.

Colorado Repeat DUI Offenders may See Penalties Increase

Most driving under the influence cases receive very little attention in the media. While it may be a major event for the person being charged, the cases are generally not high-profile in the news and usually end up resolved in due time.

Vague marijuana laws can get Colorado dispensers arrested

In Colorado even if you can legally grow marijuana, police can still charge you with growing it illegally. For the state to do that your cultivation has to fall outside allowable limits. That is how two licensed dispensers came to face felony charges for growing marijuana. The two answered their arrest with a lawsuit against the state for what they call a vague law. Colorado's original medical marijuana law allows each registered user to grow up to six plants, but that could be difficult and costly for some users to do correctly. When the state established licensed dispensaries it allowed legal users to designate a primary dispensary. That marijuana dispensary could then legally grow the plants on behalf of the client.

Colorado's DRE Program and Drugged Driving

When police decide to pull someone over on the suspicion of DUI, there are several things they must do when making the traffic stop. Most police officers have extensive experience with drivers that are under the influence of alcohol, and know what tell-tale signs will be present.

Husband claims his wife had a rape fantasy and posts online ad

The world of the Internet has certainly opened up doors that, yes, make our lives easier but also lead to risk and legal complexities. A lot of people rely on the site Craigslist in order to buy and sell goods, find work, seek help, offer help and more.

And the city with the most holiday DUI arrests is...Denver

It might not come as a surprise to many Colorado residents. Anyone who was out on the roads over the course of the Fourth of July holiday likely noticed an increase in the presence of law enforcement and DUI traps on the roads, from Denver to Colorado Springs and more cities throughout the state.

Cars Might be Next in the Crackdown Against Drunk Driving

Denver offers many options for people looking to spend some time out of the house. Whether it is going to see one of the many professional or college sports teams play or just simply meeting friends for a night on the town, there is always something to do.

Mel Gibson has an enemy in his stepmom, who wants restraining order

Surprise, surprise. Former A-list actor Mel Gibson is the target of another legal attack. He's in the limelight due to a more personal matter this time, involving his father and his stepmother. ABC News reports that the stepmom is seeking a restraining order against the star.

Colorado Officials Concerned with Teen Drinking within State

When a person is killed in a drunk driving accident, often it becomes a very high-profile news story. This can put more public pressure on law enforcement to increase DUI enforcement in certain neighborhoods, meaning that police will aggressively be targeting drunk drivers.

Independence Day doesn't provide freedom from threat of DUI

We've had similar criminal defense blogs like this before. But it never ceases to be important to remind Colorado residents of the threats that they face on the roads when they are simply trying to enjoy a highly-anticipated holiday celebration.