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Independence Day doesn’t provide freedom from threat of DUI

On Behalf of | Jul 3, 2012 | Drunk Driving Charges |

We’ve had similar criminal defense blogs like this before. But it never ceases to be important to remind Colorado residents of the threats that they face on the roads when they are simply trying to enjoy a highly-anticipated holiday celebration.

For many, the Fourth of July celebration began last weekend and will continue through the week. For Colorado law enforcement, that means that their work has intensified when it comes to busting people for allegedly drunk driving. The craziness of the DUI arrest ramp-up began last weekend.

The Coloradoan reports on Larimer County’s DUI arrests last weekend. Just like most other counties throughout the state, Larimer County has extra forces working through the holiday period to spot potential DUI offenders. The county’s booking area and county jail were busy last Saturday with various suspects who had been arrested for suspicion of drunk driving. Not all DUI suspects are required to stay in jail, but that depends on the individual case and whether, for example, a suspect has a previous DUI on record.

The Heat is On campaign is happening throughout Colorado. More patrols are on the streets looking for reasons to pull drivers over. If they have a reason to believe that a driver has been drinking upon pulling him over, don’t doubt that officers will quickly jump to turning a routine traffic stop into a drunk driving investigation. Some officers may even be driving unmarked cars while on the lookout for drunk drivers.

It’s just too easy to become the target of a DUI arrest in Colorado while this campaign continues through the holiday week. Drivers cannot be too careful, and drunk driving suspects can’t be too quick to turn to the help of a criminal defense attorney should they find themselves in legal trouble this holiday.

Source: The Coloradoan, “DUI enforcement ramps up for Fourth of July holiday,” Robert Allen, July 1, 2012