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Husband claims his wife had a rape fantasy and posts online ad

On Behalf of | Jul 18, 2012 | Sexual Assault |

The world of the Internet has certainly opened up doors that, yes, make our lives easier but also lead to risk and legal complexities. A lot of people rely on the site Craigslist in order to buy and sell goods, find work, seek help, offer help and more.

The posts on the site can get quite personal, and in the case of an out-of-state story, a post can lead to criminal charges involving rape. A husband is essentially accused of setting his wife up to be raped by someone who found an ad on Craigslist seeking someone to do the job.

CNN reports that the 32-year-old husband was arrested and is now charged with solicitation of rape due to a very unique advertisement he reportedly posted online. He’s accused of posting an ad that stated his wife had a fantasy to be raped. He allegedly wanted someone to break into their home and have forcible sex with his wife.

Police put this puzzle together when they responded to two calls within one week to the same home where the wife had been attacked. They investigated the husband’s emails and found evidence they believe clearly links him to the recent incidents at their home. Authorities haven’t identified the suspect from the first incident, but they did apprehend the subsequent suspect after the most recent call.

There’s no word whether the man who responded to the ad and was found in their home faces criminal charges. Right now, the focus seems to be on the husband who, based on his wife’s reaction to the recent incidents, seems to have lied about her supposed fantasy and lured a couple of men into trouble.

Source: CNN, “Man arrested for posting ad seeking rapist for wife,” Jack Maddox, July 17, 2012