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April 2012 Archives

Colorado safe driving campaign could mean upped traffic citations

Every now and then, especially during the months of warm weather, traffic safety campaigns occur throughout Colorado. Campaigns are often about drunk driving or seat belt violations. This week, Colorado safety advocates and officials are promoting safe driving within work zones.

Blood tests found to be wrong in Colorado DUI cases

There is certain evidence that courts take very seriously when it comes to convicting a defendant of a crime. Scientific evidence carries a lot of weight in all types of cases, from homicide to drunk driving. In DUI cases, blood tests taken to find the supposed blood alcohol concentration levels of suspects play a big part in the consequence of a criminal charge.

Colorado school fights against '420' marijuana celebration

Tomorrow is a special day for the population in Colorado and throughout the country who wish that marijuana would be legalized. April 20th has come to be a day when some celebrate marijuana, and one such celebration has traditionally taken place on the University of Colorado Boulder's campus.

Domestic violence accusation had severe impact on Colorado family

We have mentioned before the seriousness of domestic violence allegations on this blog before. Officials respond quickly to such accusations, especially in situations involving the well-being of children. Claims of child abuse are threatening to not just a person's future but to their emotional and mental well-being.

Colorado officer on trial for shooting DUI suspect at his home

What would your instinct tell you? If officers believed that you were driving drunk but instead of pulling you over followed you to your home, would they have the right to force their way into the premises to investigate? This matter and the extent of violence to which this matter escalated in a Colorado DUI case are of central concern in trial.

Did system hastily target disabled teen in Colorado rape case?

Once a person becomes the suspect of a crime in Colorado, the legal process that's ahead of him could mean that years of his life are about to be filled with stress related to investigation, trial and media hoopla. That is why it's crucial for law enforcement and prosecutors to do due diligence when handling a case, especially when the case involves the future and reputation of a young suspect.

Will Colorado go easier on juveniles in criminal justice system?

Being accused of a crime or landing in Colorado's criminal justice system is a stressful and scary situation for any adult. Imagine the fear and risk involved for a teenager who is accused of a crime and facing criminal charges. It's a point in a young person's life that could forever change his or her life's trajectory.

Luck of the Irish didn't help local drivers on St. Patrick's Day

St. Patrick's Day is behind us, marking the fact that spring has sprung in Colorado. But more than good weather and fun, the festive holiday has introduced a legal struggle to many drivers throughout various Colorado counties who were arrested for drunk driving during the holiday weekend.