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Colorado school fights against ‘420’ marijuana celebration

| Apr 19, 2012 | Drug Charges

Tomorrow is a special day for the population in Colorado and throughout the country who wish that marijuana would be legalized. April 20th has come to be a day when some celebrate marijuana, and one such celebration has traditionally taken place on the University of Colorado Boulder’s campus.

Despite tradition, however, administration on the Colorado campus has decided this year that no celebration will occur. In order to stop what’s referred to as the 4/20 marijuana smoke out, officials have announced that they will close the campus to any non-students. This announcement hasn’t been met with total acceptance.

Classes are scheduled to go on tomorrow and only students with their ID cards will be allowed on the campus. Anyone else will be ticketed. The reasoning behind this move is to prevent the interruption of classes as well as the cleanup and security that The Huffington Post reports cost the school an estimated $50,000 a year.

Those who oppose closing the campus suspect that the measure will work to provoke people and lead to more problems on campus. Others, including members of the ACLU, argue that closing the campus violates people’s rights to protest and freedom of expression. That argument, however, brings up the question of whether the smoke out is a legit protest or just a party.

Tomorrow’s date will likely mean more than a highly controlled Boulder campus. It will probably mean that law enforcement will be out looking for people using marijuana and making drug arrests. Know your rights, and if you do wind up in trouble, a criminal defense attorney in your area can explain them to you.

Source: The Huffington Post, “CU-Boulder 420 Shut Down: City Council, ACLU Voice Concern Over Campus Closure,” April 18, 2012


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