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Colorado safe driving campaign could mean upped traffic citations

On Behalf of | Apr 25, 2012 | Traffic Violations |

Every now and then, especially during the months of warm weather, traffic safety campaigns occur throughout Colorado. Campaigns are often about drunk driving or seat belt violations. This week, Colorado safety advocates and officials are promoting safe driving within work zones.

Accidents often occur in work zones because drivers don’t slow down enough or they fail to leave enough space for road workers. As a result of those accidents, this week is National Work Zone Awareness Week. More eyes might be on work zones in Colorado, potentially meaning that driving citations related to speeding or other violations could be more readily handed out.

Fox 31 News in Denver reports that on average there are more than 800 work zones throughout Colorado every year. Last year alone, 10 people were killed in work zone accidents, and another 96 were injured. Rear-end collisions are the most common type of accidents in work zones.

Safety advocates suggest that drivers leave earlier to get where they are going so that they are not rushing on the roads. Also, distracted driving and drunk driving also have habitually contributed to the number of motorists and workers killed in work areas. This awareness week could mean that officials are on the lookout for those driving behaviors more than usual.

Accidents happen, and from those accidents criminal charges can follow. Being charged with a traffic violation isn’t minor. A person’s ability to drive is threatened in the state when they are convicted of certain traffic violations. Losing one’s license threatens their livelihood, making it valuable to fight what might seem like just a minor driving citation.

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