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Luck of the Irish didn’t help local drivers on St. Patrick’s Day

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St. Patrick’s Day is behind us, marking the fact that spring has sprung in Colorado. But more than good weather and fun, the festive holiday has introduced a legal struggle to many drivers throughout various Colorado counties who were arrested for drunk driving during the holiday weekend.

A recent report outlines the number of DUI arrests that occurred throughout various Colorado counties in 2011 and over St. Patrick’s Day weekend in particular. It is helpful for the public to know the rate of such arrests in their county and the counties surrounding them because those numbers show just how common a drunk driving arrest is and that understanding one’s rights is crucial.

According to the Loveland Reporter-Herald, the following numbers of DUI arrests were recorded in these Colorado counties during 2011. We will list them in order of most arrests to fewer arrests:

  • Denver County: 3,123
  • El Paso County: 2,902
  • Adams County: 2,892
  • Arapahoe County/Aurora County: 2,603
  • Jefferson County: 2,023
  • Weld County: 1,334
  • Larimer County: 1,083
  • Boulder County: 1,073
  • Mesa County: 886
  • Douglas County 847

Sources call these counties “hot spots” for DUIs. What does that mean for the public? It means that these are areas where getting pulled over for suspicion of drunk driving should be understood as a real threat. Law enforcement in those communities is out in full force, and they were out in record numbers over St. Patrick’s Day, ticketing over 430 drivers for DUI.

Colorado drivers should understand their rights when they are pulled over and also their rights once they have been arrested for or charged with drunk driving. An arrest or ticket doesn’t mean that a person is doomed to be convicted of drunk driving. A local DUI defense attorney can help someone get through the legal process.

Source: Loveland Reporter-Herald, “Larimer County among top 10 for DUI offenders,” March 26, 2012