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January 2011 Archives

Colorado school employee suspected of sex assault on child

With any criminal charge being attached to someone's name, it is always important to respond quickly with effective, aggressive legal support. But in certain cases, such swift, protective action seems especially important. One of those types of cases is when an adult is arrested for alleged child sexual assault.

Colorado Can't Charge Defendant with DUI-Related Homicide

"She murdered my son," says one mourning mother who lost her teenage son last September. She is fighting for what she sees as justice following a fatal DUI crash last year that she believes happened not due to the sole irresponsibility of the driver but because of the adult who gave the underage teens alcohol.

Commission Proposes Outlawing Driving with Certain Level of THC

The issue of medical marijuana use in Colorado has prompted the Colorado Commission on Criminal and Juvenile Justice to suggest a proposal which would make it illegal to drive when THC levels in the driver's blood are above a certain level. According to a story in the Aurora Sentinel, the Commission has considered similar proposals in the past but has decided to make it a top priority this year.

Did Social Media Obsession Lead to Alleged Child Abuse?

Have you ever sat down at the computer to begin what you think is going to be a mere few minutes on the web and then, before you knew it, you had been online for at least an hour? More and more, people of all ages are becoming obsessive users of the Internet and the social media tools it has to offer these days.

Colorado Pardons Wrongly Executed Rape and Homicide Suspect

Though he is not alive to see his name cleared, a mentally challenged man who was falsely convicted of a decades-old Colorado sex assault and murder is now being recognized as the innocent man that he was. Former Denver district attorney and now outgoing governor Bill Ritter formally issued a pardon to the victim who died at the hands of old, cold laws.

Colorado Senator's Actions in Fatal Crash Under Investigation

On Dec. 26, Colorado state Sen. Suzanne Williams was driving in Texas with her adult son and two grandchildren, 3 and 7. A chain of events took place that took the life of a pregnant woman and put the senator's passion for traffic safety in question.

Man Goes from Colorado DUI Suspect to Attempted Murder Suspect

A note to all who might be suspected of driving drunk: try not to injure a police officer who is trying to investigate the case. Last Tuesday, Dec. 28, a Colorado man was pulled over by police based on drunk driving suspicion. Instead of complying with the officer, the DUI suspect reportedly sped off and drove over the officer's foot in his misguided attempt to flee the scene.