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Colorado Senator’s Actions in Fatal Crash Under Investigation

On Behalf of | Jan 6, 2011 | Traffic Violations |

On Dec. 26, Colorado state Sen. Suzanne Williams was driving in Texas with her adult son and two grandchildren, 3 and 7. A chain of events took place that took the life of a pregnant woman and put the senator’s passion for traffic safety in question.

According to reports, Williams allegedly was not living up to the very rules she’s worked to create in her own state. She backed a Colorado bill that went into effect last year that requires children 8 and under to be secured in child restraint seats. Investigation into the recent crash revealed that the kids in Williams’ car were not riding in safety seats.

Remember, the accident happened in Texas, and the above-mentioned safety seat law sponsored by Williams mandates traffic safety in Colorado. Nonetheless, the senator’s credibility is in question among the public. And now, reports claim that Williams actually might have attempted to hide that her grandchild wasn’t restrained by putting him in his car seat after the accident.

Sources indicate that the senator was driving in the wrong lane on the evening of the fatal incident; the other car couldn’t avoid her oncoming SUV. It has not been publically addressed whether Williams was driving under the influence and if that led to the reckless driving. The cause of the accident and whether Williams will face charges relating to the traffic violations is yet to be confirmed.

We will post an update as details about this case emerge.


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