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Illegal drugs still a problem at Colorado music venues

On Behalf of | Jan 19, 2011 | Drug Charges |

A recent Denver Post article examines the nexus between concerts and illegal drugs. While drug and alcohol abuse is not a new phenomenon at music venues, now a new generation is experimenting with dangerous drugs such as cocaine and heroin when they head out to a club or concert.

While teenagers are likely to be turned away from a regular bar or tavern they are often allowed to attend concerts where there is little or no supervision. A teacher quoted in the article maintains that when she is out to see music, she sees many teenagers who are obviously underage and under the influence. She had asked a woman working the door of one show what the age restrictions were. She was told that as long as they can get their parents to drop them off there, they are allowed in.

A cocktail waitress interviewed in the article has a unique perspective as she also works as a social worker. She described how she would work at night serving patrons who were often abusing illegal substances, and then spend her days as a social worker trying to help give a fresh start to individuals who had suffered the consequences of chemical dependency.

Unfortunately, many young people may not be sufficiently aware of the potentially devastating effects of drug and alcohol abuse. The potential legal and personal consequences may seem remote when such illicit use is common place at rock concerts and clubs. Drug offenses can result in serious criminal charges including revocation of a driver’s license and prison time.

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