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December 2010 Archives

Colorado Doctor Says Marijuana Prescription Was Legal

Yesterday's post introduced the groundbreaking Colorado case surrounding a doctor who is being charged with negligently prescribing marijuana to a pregnant patient. The Colorado Medical Board wants to take away the doctor's medical license. But the doctor will not go down without fighting the charges.

Doctor at Risk of Losing License Defends Marijuana Prescription

Colorado is in the midst of a learning process. The introduction of any new law will result in a period of confusion and frustration. The new drug laws regarding marijuana in the state have helped many to benefit from the medical uses of the drug. But the laws are so new that some people are accidentally winding up in legal trouble for not fully understanding what is within their rights and what can result in drug charges.

Colorado Domestic Violence Suspect Yet to Face Charges

Last weekend, what reports are calling a "SWAT standoff" took place at a Castle Rock home. It reportedly began when a 40-year-old suspect shot his pregnant wife in her shoulder. The suspect then allegedly locked himself in his home while the female victim and her son left the scene.

Colorado Man Arrested for Violating Florida Obscenity Laws

A couple of months ago, you might have heard about the controversy regarding a book that a man wrote about pedophilia. The book is called "The Pedophile's Guide to Love and Pleasure: A Child Lover's Code of Conduct," and many throughout the country protested the sale of the book, saying it taught readers how to engage in child molestation.

Colorado Parole Officer Free from Sex Assault Charges

Truth and credibility. Both of those terms were of huge importance in a recent criminal case filed against a Colorado parole officer. The man had reportedly been working as a parole officer for the Department of Corrections for 12 years, when his work was disrupted by serious charges of sexual assault.

Colorado Residents Capitalize on Cannabis

CNBC recently reported on the growing business of marijuana in the state of Colorado. The report offers a look at several growers, or in this case, entrepreneurs capitalizing on the herb. Although medicinal marijuana is legal in the state, some growers are walking a fine line between state and federal law in their efforts to grow and sell marijuana. These "entrepreneurs" could be risking serious drug charges.

Faced with Marijuana Charges, Willie Nelson Takes "High" Road

We don't generally post stories about cases outside of Colorado, but a recent legal case involving a music legend is interesting enough that it seems worthwhile to share. Country star Willie Nelson was recently arrested in Texas when police reportedly found marijuana on the legend's bus.

Colorado Will Try to Set Standard for Marijuana-Related DUIs

Colorado is known as a state that is open to the use of medical marijuana; such utilization and dispensaries of the otherwise illegal substance is now legal. The legalization of the drug, however, has created worry among people concerned about traffic safety. Currently, there is no set standard regarding how to measure whether a driver under the influence of marijuana is actually legally impaired to drive.