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Colorado Parole Officer Free from Sex Assault Charges

On Behalf of | Dec 17, 2010 | Sexual Assault |

Truth and credibility. Both of those terms were of huge importance in a recent criminal case filed against a Colorado parole officer. The man had reportedly been working as a parole officer for the Department of Corrections for 12 years, when his work was disrupted by serious charges of sexual assault.

The Gazette reports that the defendant was accused of abusing his authority as a parole officer two times in order to coerce one of his parolees into having sex with him. At no time during the legal process over the past year plus did the defendant ever admit to wrongdoing. He’s been consistent in defending his name and professional reputation from the woman’s allegations.

The woman who brought the charges against the officer told authorities that on two occasions, she and her then parole officer had sex. She and her attorney argued that she was forced to sleep with the officer when he used his position of power as leverage to get her to do what he wanted. According to the prosecution’s argument, if the alleged victim had said no to the officer, he could and would have reported that the woman had violated her parole.

But the defense team adamantly denied that claim and, in fact, said that it was because the alleged victim did violate her parole that she made the false rape allegations. Reports say that the woman failed a urine test and used the sex crime charges as a way to avoid facing the legal consequences of violating her parole. Said the defense lawyer, “Ladies and gentlemen, this is a woman who has used and abused the system her entire life.”

Ultimately, the Colorado jury doubted the woman’s credibility, especially because she has a history of making false criminal allegations. With the alleged victim’s compromised credibility and the fact that there was little other evidence outside of her testimony, it wasn’t too difficult for the jury to find the defendant not guilty of sex assault. The parole officer now looks forward to hopefully returning to work as soon as possible.


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