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Faced with Marijuana Charges, Willie Nelson Takes “High” Road

On Behalf of | Dec 10, 2010 | Drug Charges |

We don’t generally post stories about cases outside of Colorado, but a recent legal case involving a music legend is interesting enough that it seems worthwhile to share. Country star Willie Nelson was recently arrested in Texas when police reportedly found marijuana on the legend’s bus.

The public has apparently been less surprised about the possession charge Nelson faces than it is about how the music man is using his notoriety for good. According to sources, Nelson is using his fame and how it has attracted national attention in order to benefit the law enforcement team who charged him with the drug crime in the first place.

He is asking people to make donations to the Christmas toy drive at the Hudspeth County’s sheriff’s office. Apparently because authorities were initially wrong about the amount of marijuana Nelson had and not because of the star’s generous actions, the drug charge pending against Nelson has been lessened since he was initially arrested.

Allegedly, Nelson had four ounces of marijuana on the bus instead of six, which makes him eligible for a lesser sentence. At most, he could be put in jail for a year and required to pay a $4,000 fine to the county. A deputy at the sheriff’s office doubts that Nelson will have to serve any time, but it’s another, more famous person’s opinion about the drug charges that has attracted further attention to this celebrity case.

And that opinion comes from another music legend: Snoop Dogg. Says the hip hop star, “If you got a problem with Willie, you got a problem with me.” According to sources the rapper believes that Nelson, as an elder and American legend, should be treated with more respect by law enforcement.

Contrary to Snoop Dogg’s outlook, however, the law is supposed to treat elders and celebrities in the same way as everyone else. If Snoop Dogg really wants to make Nelson happy, it sounds like he should send a toy donation to the sheriff’s office.


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