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Doctor at Risk of Losing License Defends Marijuana Prescription

On Behalf of | Dec 29, 2010 | Drug Charges |

Colorado is in the midst of a learning process. The introduction of any new law will result in a period of confusion and frustration. The new drug laws regarding marijuana in the state have helped many to benefit from the medical uses of the drug. But the laws are so new that some people are accidentally winding up in legal trouble for not fully understanding what is within their rights and what can result in drug charges.

In the case of one Colorado doctor, his alleged violation of laws has him in legal and professional trouble. He reportedly prescribed marijuana to a woman in January when she was six months pregnant. When the baby was born, medical professionals found cannabis in the child’s system, a finding that has put the doctor’s medical license at risk of being revoked by the Colorado Medical Board.

The doctor is charged with negligently prescribing the drug to the pregnant woman. The claim says he didn’t perform a physical evaluation on the woman before writing the prescription and that he didn’t even know she was pregnant. But even if the doctor had known the patient was pregnant, he argues, pregnancy shouldn’t rule medical marijuana use out as a plausible treatment.

According to the Denver Post, the doctor’s argument is supported by split opinions in the medical field regarding marijuana use and pregnancy. Some researchers believe using the drug while expecting increases the chance that children will have certain medical and emotional problems. Others, however, argue that there is not a solid enough connection between marijuana use and problems among children in order to confidently rule out medical marijuana treatment for pregnant patients.

There is more to the Colorado doctor’s argument and this important medical marijuana case. The upcoming post will continue where this leaves off. Check back soon.


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