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Drug Sales & Distribution Archives

Recent CO drug sting underscores state's resolve, resources

One of our website practice pages at the established Denver criminal defense law firm of Shazam Kianpour & Associates references a number of drugs that become problematic for arrested Colorado residents.

Denver legal marijuana business targeted for drug crimes

The Denver marijuana enterprise Sweet Leaf has been both large and profitable for some time. The legal pot dispensary has multiple outlets that employ several hundred workers. Sweet Leaf’s owners have reported scorers of millions of dollars in company revenue.

Federal sentencing spotlight: reform on horizon in some drug cases?

We duly note on a page of our website at the tenured Denver criminal defense law firm of Shazam Kianpour & Associates that the federal legal system involves an “ever-present risk.”

Opponents of civil asset forfeiture many, sharply critical

It is not hard to see why there is a broad and bipartisan critique nationally of the practice called civil asset forfeiture. A quick and simple example readily explains why.

Algorithms: detrimental when used by courts to assess risk

People working within the criminal justice system readily perceive that judges are busy people, with built-in job leisure not being something that routinely features in their typical work day.

Government power in drug-crime cases also notably includes this

We note on a relevant page of our website that Colorado's drug laws are in flux and constantly evolving. Given that reality, we duly point out that any state resident facing a criminal charge related to a crime like drug sale and distribution or drug trafficking might want to "seriously consider hiring a qualified drug defense lawyer to … navigate these extremely complex laws."

Enough is enough: Facebook fires back at online surveillance

Colorado residents and Americans across the country are increasingly learning -- as proven criminal defense attorneys already know intimately well -- that online surveillance of an Internet user's behavior (such as specific site visits, downloads, uploaded photos, files and images, and so forth) plays a central -- and incessantly growing -- role in criminal probes and prosecutions.