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Government power in drug-crime cases also notably includes this

We note on a relevant page of our website that Colorado's drug laws are in flux and constantly evolving. Given that reality, we duly point out that any state resident facing a criminal charge related to a crime like drug sale and distribution or drug trafficking might want to "seriously consider hiring a qualified drug defense lawyer to … navigate these extremely complex laws."

Enough is enough: Facebook fires back at online surveillance

Colorado residents and Americans across the country are increasingly learning -- as proven criminal defense attorneys already know intimately well -- that online surveillance of an Internet user's behavior (such as specific site visits, downloads, uploaded photos, files and images, and so forth) plays a central -- and incessantly growing -- role in criminal probes and prosecutions.

How has Colorado benefited from legalizing marijuana?

Marijuana is a drug talked about often in the news; many states have approved it for legal use, while others have made it a point to ban it. While still federally banned, Colorado made headlines when it legalized the drug several years ago.

Federal agents arrest 54 in Denver heroin bust

Federal agents made a major breakthrough in a long-term operation that targeted heroin trafficking in and around Denver. The three-month long operation culminated in the arrest of 54 individuals. U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, the agency undertaking the operation, was specifically targeting immigrants who were in Colorado illegally.

Medical and recreational marijuana licensing in Colorado

Drug offenses in Colorado are slightly different than some states because of the legalization of marijuana. Despite it being legal, there are still times when a person can be charged with a crime for possessing or selling marijuana. Here are some quick facts about marijuana, the laws in the state of Colorado and what you need to do to have it or sell it legally.

Marijuana: Colorado says, "it's legal" and the Feds say, "it's illegal"

About a year ago, a former client approached our Denver based criminal defense law firm and asked for help setting up a marijuana dispensary. We had to turn him down. A few months later, we were again approached by a group of entrepreneurs looking to establish a legal facility allowing for recreational use of marijuana in their establishment in compliance with the recent Colorado law changes that are about to be implemented on January 1, 2014. We turned them down as well. They wanted to throw gobs of money at us... I still turned them down.