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Are you an accidental drug dealer?

On Behalf of | Oct 27, 2022 | Drug Charges, Drug Sales & Distribution |

Some recreational drug dealers who get arrested will be surprised that the prosecution accuses them of dealing. You may not realize it or intend to do it, but specific actions are considered behavior that qualifies as drug dealing. Laws are written this way to punish those who share or buy prescription drugs and use them recreationally. With the opioid epidemic hitting certain parts of the country, the rules involving the illegal use of medication are often cited.

The consequences of selling or sharing prescription medication

Some are stunned to find there are severe consequences for what they may view as a good deed, or perhaps they view it as a side hustle that helps out friends and family. A friend may be gravely sick due to injury or illness, so a compassionate friend or family member may offer to share pain medication they use or once used but did not take all the medicine. Sharing leftovers or part of an ongoing supply is illegal in the eyes of the law, even if the person charged legally obtained it. Some may not even consider them drugs – in their mind, it is medication to help the ill. Nonetheless, the same laws apply to legal medicines and illegal drugs because both are controlled substances not prescribed by a medical professional.

More severe penalties

Possession charges are one thing, but dealing is a very different matter altogether, involving much harsher penalties. Those with good intentions may face serious charges and even a potential jail sentence. Working with an experienced criminal law attorney who handles drug charges like dealing is essential. These legal professionals can work to provide context to the prosecution and judge and perhaps have the charges reflect the true nature and spirit of the infraction.