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Are medical marijuana delivery services legal in Colorado?

On Behalf of | Apr 27, 2020 | Drug Sales & Distribution |

The above headline query in today’s Shazam Kianpour & Associates blog post begs both a “yes” and “no” answer.

Here’s why: State-licensed marijuana dispensaries are currently authorized to make deliveries to the homes of select Colorado residents, but only if those individuals reside in Boulder or the nearby town of Superior. And, moreover, only if they are registered customers of one of two specified entities presently operating out of Boulder.

Those dispensaries are Native Roots Dandelion and Helping Hands, respectively.

The former business secured a delivery license last month. Helping Hands got its green light to deliver via a license approved earlier this month by the Colorado Marijuana Enforcement Division. Boulder city officials formally endorsed that approval with a municipal permit, which Helping Hands officials stress now authorizes them to deliver medical cannabis to patients registered with the dispensary.

A recent media report underscores the as-yet unavailing efforts of Colorado legal marijuana industry officials to fast track delivery permits to state dispensaries that pertain to both medical and recreational pot. The Denver publication Westword duly notes that the clarion calls for approval “have gone unheeded.”

Indeed, the push for quick legislative acceptance of recreational marijuana delivery faces notable resistance. The 2019 state law legalizing delivery stipulates that regulation governing recreational and medical marijuana delivery is starkly differentiated and that delivery of recreational product is not authorized until next year.

The slow but seemingly progressive addition of medical pot delivery permits perhaps points toward a different expansionary scheme. A Helping Hands principal stresses that a dispensary delivery component will have a salutary economic effect and get more employees back to work.