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October 2017 Archives

Increased DUI enforcement for Halloween starts today in Colorado

If you are planning to go out and have a few drinks this Halloween, you better make sure you have a designated driver. Starting today (Oct. 27) and running through next Wednesday (Nov. 1), you can expect to see extra DUI enforcement on Colorado roadways.

A train not stopping: call for criminal law reforms gains steam

Many of our readers in Denver and across Colorado certainly note -- and likely criticize -- the constant bickering that our national lawmakers routinely engage in on Capitol Hill, and the resulting inaction that follows in its steady wake.

Police pulled me over — must I perform a roadside sobriety test?

If police ever stop you for suspected drunk driving, whether as part of a sobriety checkpoint or because they claim you are driving erratically and/or dangerously, they will likely ask you to perform one or several roadside sobriety tests. These tests may include the infamous “one-leg stand” test, the “walk-and-turn” test or the horizontal gaze nystagmus test, which is where an officer will hold a finger or object in front of your eyes and ask you to follow it as it moves from side to side.