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Is hiring a proven DUI defense lawyer really a cost-efficient move?

| Oct 9, 2017 | Drunk Driving Charges

Have you perhaps thought that you might simply opt to go it alone if you were ever stopped by a Colorado state trooper or police officer and ultimately arrested on a drunk driving charge?

It is of course not illogical for some people to have such a thought, or particularly uncommon for them to have heard stories of other people who thought they could save a pile of money by forgoing proven legal counsel and still achieve a positive outcome in a DUI/DWI matter.

In real life, though, how does such a scenario commonly play out? What does empirical evidence show regarding drunk driving court outcomes for individuals represented by experienced defense attorneys relative to cases where a defendant represents himself or herself or simply uses a public defender?

Persons leaning toward the latter strategy are not going to like the answer.

They should hear it loudly and clearly, though, given that it might influence them to take a proven defense route that could save them many thousands of dollars.

Here is what a study from QuoteWizard — an online insurance marketplace — concludes from close perusal of insurance data, conviction statistics and interviews with attorneys who are in the know regarding the ins-and-outs of DUI/DWI defense: “We did the math to find out whether or not hiring a DUI lawyer is a good investment. Spoiler alert: it is.”

And here’s something additional that hard evidence renders crystal clear: A defendant in a drunk driving case who retains an experienced private attorney is “three times more likely to get a DUI charge reduced.”

QuoteWizard’s data might reasonably go far toward influencing a reflective individual’s post-arrest actions in a DUI/DWI case.


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