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On Halloween, that police uniform is likely not a party costume

On Behalf of | Oct 30, 2017 | Drunk Driving Charges |

Have you perchance been noticing a more robust police presence than usual out on Denver-area roads and across the state the past couple days?

Trust your instincts: they’re correct.

In fact, Colorado State Patrol Chief Col. Scott Hernandez has essentially put motorists from every corner of Colorado and in between on notice with recent comments alluding to the beefed-up police power that is currently focused on suspected behind-the-wheel inebriation.

Informally, the heightened enforcement clout might be informally termed the Halloween Initiative. It is centrally marked, notes a Denver Post article, by police efforts “to catch impaired drivers from Oct. 27 to Nov. 1.”

That latter date is still a couple days off, so a “beware” mantra seems timely here.

The bottom line: There is an amped-up spotlight on all Colorado drivers presently, with adverse consequences certain to befall any state driver who gets pulled over and criminally charged with a DUI offense.

The Post notes that patrol officers will be joined in their efforts by a whopping 113 local law enforcement groups from across the state.

Collectively, that makes for a lot of watchful eyes on the road, obviously, and unpleasant encounters for any individual who gets ensnared by a saturation patrol or after being funneled into a sobriety checkpoint. Reportedly, nearly 300 Coloradans were charged with drunk driving over last year’s Halloween weekend.

If you turn out to be one of those folks this year, you might reasonably want to consider reaching out immediately to a proven and aggressive DUI defense attorney. The stakes are high, and experienced legal counsel can be a strong ally in the effort to maximally mitigate criminal consequences linked with a drunk driving charge.