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December 2016 Archives

Man charged with attempted murder for beating his own mother

Domestic violence is not a welcome part of anyone's holiday season, but for many people, spending time with family this year will mean that old tensions and conflicts have the opportunity to flare up in ugly, destructive ways. Family tensions flared far out of control for one Colorado man recently, and he stands accused of serious charges, including attempted murder, after allegedly committing some serious acts of violence towards his own mother.

Find even small details to fight against sex-related charges

When you are facing sex crime charges of any sort, your life might seem to stop. The people who you once socialized with might not be willing to be associated with you any longer. You might be forced out of your job pending the outcome of your case. This can affect your life from every angle.  

A blood alcohol concentration test can be wrong

If you're pulled over and have your blood alcohol levels tested, you know that you could face a DUI if it comes back over 0.08 percent. A blood alcohol concentration test isn't always accurate, so there are defenses if it does come back positive. The BAC test levels give law enforcement the information they need to make an informed decision over whether or not you should be driving, but there are factors that can influence the outcome of the test.

Drunk driving increases during the holidays

Tis the season for holiday parties and family gatherings, and with this increase in festive activities comes an increase in opportunities for driving after drinking. It is easy, and far too common, to assume that it's no big deal to have a few drinks at a holiday party or big family meal and get back on the road. However, the statistics do support that notion. Over the Thanksgiving week of 2016, a concerted effort on the part of Colorado law enforcement lead to the arrest of 518 drivers over only a 10-day period. 

What makes a felony DUI so bad?

A felony DUI is unlike other forms because it is intended for those who have caused harm to another person due to their negligence. If you're in a situation where you were driving while intoxicated and hit a vehicle or a pedestrian, you could be facing this charge. A felony DUI has harsher penalties than a misdemeanor, and that means you could have to spend time in prison or have high fines and costs to pay. 

Football player faces drug charges after altercation in bar

A good moment can so quickly become a regrettable one when tempers run unchecked. Two of University of Colorado's players, fresh off clinching a victory that placed the team in the Pac-12 title game, came to blows while celebrating at bar after the win. What could have been a relatively simple matter of assault became more serious charges, however. While one player was arrested on third-degree assault charges, the other player, who was knocked out in the altercation, was found to have two small baggies of an unidentified substance in his wallet when searched by the police. 

What are some holiday facts about drunk driving?

Deaths in motor vehicle accidents that occur during Christmas are caused by drunk drivers approximately 41 percent of the time. The New Year's Holiday is no better, with 58 percent of deaths caused by drunk driving. At other times of the year, drunk driving causes approximately 29 percent of all traffic-related deaths, showing how important it is for families, friends and individuals to make plans for heading home after parties or events safely. 

How can forensic evidence impact a sex crime case?

Sex-related crimes can sometimes hinge on he-said-she-said evidence; however, there are some cases that include forensic evidence. This type of evidence can have a huge impact on the case, so it is important for people who are facing a sex crime charge that is based on forensic evidence to understand why this can be such a big deal. 

Domestic violence dispute ends in hostage death

Domestic violence has been on the rise in Colorado, with an above-average of incidents reported resulting in the loss of a life. These situations are always terrible, especially when a person is killed. The concerning trend continued recently when a man in El Paso County engaged in a several-hour standoff with police in a domestic violence dispute that escalated to a hostage situation and ended in his wife dying of a gunshot wound.

What happens if you're caught driving with no license?

If you get behind the wheel when you have your driver's license revoked or suspended, you're risking harsher penalties for taking that risk. There could be situations where you feel you have no choice, and those might be good for building a defense.

New Denver regulation unfair to businesses

For those in Denver who choose to partake in recreational marijuana, the matter is still not as simple as "it's legal, you can smoke wherever you want." Of course, other substances such as tobacco and alcohol face similar restrictions, too. Despite the passage of Initiative 300, smoking marijuana is legal, but there are still some ways to run afoul of the law with it.