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Don’t let a DUI detour your holiday plans

On Behalf of | Dec 26, 2016 | Drunk Driving Charges |

Your holiday plans probably don’t include spending time in a jail cell, but that is what you might have to endure if you are caught drinking and driving. 

Unfortunately, it isn’t always possible to find a way to get home after you have had a few too many drinks at a party. This puts you in the precarious position of having to choose to drive drunk or find a place close to the party to crash. If you opt to try to make it home, you might end up on a detour if you are stopped for drunk driving. 

We know that a drunk driving charge can put a damper on the season. If you get arrested for DWI, it is vital that you start working immediately on a viable defense strategy.

There are a lot of different things that we can look into when we start reviewing your case. In order to prepare the most effective defense, we need as much time as possible. 

While you might find it tempting to just plead guilty to the charges against you just to move on with your life, that might not be the best option. Once you plead guilty, you could discover that your life changes in ways that you had not realized it would. 

You will have a criminal record and a blemish on your driving record. This can mean that you can’t hold certain job or positions because a company’s insurance might not be willing to cover you. You will also likely have to deal with a suspended driver’s license. You might also find that once you are allowed to drive again, the cost of auto insurance is prohibitive because of the drunk driving charge. We can help you try to minimize the effects of your drunk driving case.