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May 2016 Archives

Multiple DUI offenses lead to 14 years in prison for 65-year-old

If you're accused of drinking and driving or being under the influence of drugs behind the wheel, your freedom can be put at risk in Colorado. In fact, if you've been convicted previously, you could be looking at time in prison or hefty fines.

Drinking and boating can lead to DUI charges

The Memorial Day holiday is nearly upon us. The long weekend is the traditional kickoff to what most everyone hopes will be a long, enjoyable period of summer recreation. But just as Colorado and the other states have laws against driving under the influence, it also has laws against boating under the influence. The charges and the consequences are serious and deserve to be taken seriously.

Summit discusses ways to recognize intoxication by marijuana

Marijuana use is legal in Colorado, but it's important to understand that you could be accused of a drug crime in the state if you are driving while under the influence. How can it be proven, though? The tests aren't the same as for alcohol, and it can be hard to prove that you were impaired.

Why you should protect your child from an underage DUI conviction

In Colorado, the age at which a person is legally allowed to consume alcohol is 21 years. Unfortunately, many people ignore this law and drink at least once before that age. It is when a youth decides to drive while drinking that the real problems can begin. Along with the injury risks associated with driving under the influence, young people are also at risk for DUI charges, which can cause lasting damage to their lives.