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Officer falsely accused of sexual assault speaks out

On Behalf of | May 12, 2016 | Sex Crimes |

Sexual assault is a serious charge, and when someone is faced with it, the stories can quickly begin to build against them. When an alleged victim comes forward, it’s typically required that the police look into the allegations, but this can mean painting a person’s reputation in a bad light.

Sometimes, the accused party is actually the real victim in the case. That’s what this man is claiming in Denver. According to a news report from May 10, the police officer was arrested when being accused of felony sexual assault and menacing. He was arrested after a woman called an outside agency to accuse him before presenting enough evidence for the arrest.

The man was in jail for around three days before he found out the charges weren’t going to be filed. He claimed before that he was innocent, and the officers reported that the evidence proved that he was.

In this case, it seems that the woman accusing the officer was seeking revenge. She, the officer, and a female friend had met up for intercourse; they all agreed and had participated willingly. Later, when the officer refused the woman’s sexual request, she threatened him, saying she’d say he assaulted her and report him for threatening her with his service weapon. That’s exactly what she did.

The man believes his case could have been handled better if the other officers had allowed him to show them text messages from the accuser. They would not allow it. He is under investigation by internal affairs now, but he claims his personal life is just that.

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