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Drug charge penalties are tiered in Colorado

On Behalf of | May 17, 2016 | Drug Possession |

The drug laws in Colorado are a bit different from other places, which can make them a bit more difficult to understand. Generally, the penalties for drug convictions are more severe for people who are charged with higher level crimes and those who meet certain criteria. We can help you to understand what points pertain to your case.

There are four points that can increase the severity of the penalties if you are convicted of a drug felony in the state. These include being on probation for a felony, being on parole for a felony, being on probation for a felony adjudication and being in community corrections, in prison or on an escape status.

When it comes to sentencing, you can face fines, probation, incarceration, and other penalties. In the case of misdemeanor charges, a DM2 carries up to 12 months in jail, while a DM1 carries six to 18 months in jail.

Many drug charges are felonies. These are classified as DF charges, and have four levels.

— DF4 – six months to a year on a presumptive charge.

— DF3 – two to four years.

— DF2 carries four to eight years.

For DF4 to DF2 cases, the incarceration period doubles if the charge is considered aggravated. A DF1 carries eight years minimum to 32 years maximum.

We want to make sure that you fully understand the possible penalties for the charges, as well as some of the criteria used to determine the type of charges that a person will face. We can help to answer your questions about the laws that govern drug cases in Colorado.


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