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June 2015 Archives

After DUI, hookah-blowing Ty Lawson appears to want out of Denver

Hoops fans and regular readers will no doubt recall that earlier this year we wrote about the run-in Denver Nuggets point guard Ty Lawson had with an area police officer. In late January, Lawson was reportedly pulled over for speeding and then arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol.

Police: Colorado DUI driver hits two road construction workers

Two Colorado road construction workers have non-life-threatening injuries after a 61-year-old man allegedly caused a work zone traffic accident while driving drunk. A spokesperson for the construction company which has offices in Denver and Littleton said, "My guys were working on the manhole...we were using another truck to help shield the workers, and as this guy careened off the truck and through the cones and hit the truck which slid into my workers."

Mommy Dearest?

"It’s bad enough when your identity is stolen," a Denver TV station report begins. But how much worse is it when the person is arrested for DUI while using your name? And how much worse is all of that when the person allegedly responsible is your own mother?

Where does Colorado rank among states with strict DUI laws?

Every now and then, there are rankings done of the states with the strictest DUI laws. While Colorado has long been tough on drunken driving, we have never been considered the very toughest in the nation. That trend continues with the latest ranking, courtesy of financial website WalletHub.

Learning a lesson the hard way

Students attending colleges and universities in the Denver area and across the state of Colorado undoubtedly understand statements made by the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence, Inc. about youth and alcohol. The NCADD says alcohol is the most aggressively promoted, widely available intoxicant in the nation. It's also "the most commonly used and abused drug among youth in the United States -- more than tobacco and illicit drugs."

Near-future cars won't let you drive drunk?

There was at one time a public service ad campaign with a memorable tagline: "friends don't let friends drive drunk." In the near future, a car might be a sort of friend to many people by showing them movies, playing favorite songs, checking on traffic and weather reports and by not allowing them to drive while impaired by alcohol.

What do the police see when watching a drunken driver?

Everyone has experienced some version of it: you and your friends witness the very same event at the very same time, but when retelling the story, you find variations in the way you and others perceived event details. It's an experience that can give insight into the way you process information a bit differently than your friends do.

The road to recovery

It's a bit of a drive from Denver to Woody Creek. But for fans of the late gonzo writer Hunter S. Thompson, it's probably worth the circuitous, nearly four-hour trek. Perhaps the most famous landmark in the tiny town is Woody Creek Tavern, a rustic watering hole favored by Thompson, locals and now tourists.

Physical and legal dangers of DUID

The National Institutes of Health has a website devoted to the dangers of driving while drugged. It's a form of impaired driving that is, in some cases, intentional and in some cases, completely unintentional.

Plea bargains: An imperfect solution to difficult problems

Many times, people will see on Denver TV that someone suspected of a crime has agreed to a plea bargain and feel that the suspect got off easily. Many people have argued that plea bargains should be done away with entirely so that those found guilty have to deal with the full consequences of their illegal acts.

Down to three

The countdown continues, as just three states remain without felony DUI laws. With Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper signing a bill creating the law here, the number dropped from four.

Governor signs Colorado felony DUI bill

Gov. John Hickenlooper will be hopping on I-70 today, heading toward Wheat Ridge to sign a bill long discussed and debated in Colorado. Today is finally the day on which the governor will sign the felony DUI bill, making a fourth DUI offense a felony.