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Police: Colorado DUI driver hits two road construction workers

On Behalf of | Jun 26, 2015 | Vehicular Assault or Homicide |

Two Colorado road construction workers have non-life-threatening injuries after a 61-year-old man allegedly caused a work zone traffic accident while driving drunk. A spokesperson for the construction company which has offices in Denver and Littleton said, “My guys were working on the manhole…we were using another truck to help shield the workers, and as this guy careened off the truck and through the cones and hit the truck which slid into my workers.”

The Colorado Springs incident resulted in the hospitalization of the workers and the driver, who is expected to recover. He has been charged with driving under the influence alcohol and might later face vehicular assault accusations as well.

Though the driver was arrested for DUI, the spokesperson said the biggest dangers road workers face are posed by distracted drivers. According to a TV station report, he said distracted drivers are not paying attention to the traffic or “the people that are out in the street working.”

He acknowledged that everyone these days appears to be in a hurry, but it’s urgent that drivers slow down in construction zones, pay attention to the traffic signs and be aware of the presence of other vehicles and the men and women who are out there improving our roads.

Depending on what police and prosecutors decide, the driver could face vehicular assault charges, or a reckless driving charge or other accusations. Penalties can be severe, which is why it makes sense to discuss your legal options with an attorney before talking to law enforcement or prosecutors. An experienced DUI defense attorney will act to protect your rights and future.