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Where do fallen phenoms go for resurrection?

On Behalf of | Jun 30, 2015 | Underage Drinking and Driving |

There’s a certain arrogance and cockiness that comes with youth. As many of us recall from our younger days, it can feel as if you will live forever and that nothing bad will ever come your way.

Those mistaken perceptions typically change during Denver high school days and at college. People have experiences that little by little bring about maturity and alter perspectives. Or sometimes young people have a moment of revelation in a blinding light — often the lights of a police car pulling them over for underage DUI.

That’s an unhappy, life-changing experience for many. And it can happen even to the biggest men on campus — literally — those who play college football. We read recently of a former highly sought-after college football recruit who has fallen, not on hard times, but on much more modest times because of his DUI arrest and conviction.

He was formerly a four-star quarterback recruited to big-time University of Miami. But he was dismissed last fall after an arrest for driving under the influence of alcohol and possessing a fake ID. After his dismissal from Miami, he traveled to Towson University, where he was dismissed again, this time for violating team rules, according to a news report.

Now he has enrolled at Garden City Community College in Kansas, trying to get his football career back on track. He’s competing for the starting QB assignment against guys who have likewise fallen: one from Colorado State, another from Syracuse and still another from Western Kentucky.

Though he was once a shooting star at the top of the college football world, he’s already mostly forgotten, trying to work his way back and get a chance one day to play high-level football again.

This is just one illustration of how a DUI conviction can change a young person’s life.

It can limit your academic possibilities and it can change your future job opportunities. That’s why it can be so important to your parents to find an experienced DUI attorney to vigorously defend you in Colorado DMV hearings and in court, as well as in negotiations with prosecutors.