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April 2015 Archives

Colorado Senate committee moves felony DUI bill forward

It was an event rarely seen at Coors Field in Denver when the Rockies are playing: a shutout. But this time, the shutout took place not on the field, but in the Colorado State Capitol Building. By a vote of 5 to 0, the Senate Judiciary committee earlier this week passed the felony DUI bill.

What penalties may I face if convicted of DUI/DUID in Colorado?

Have you been accused of driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs (DUI/DUID) in Colorado? If so, you may find yourself thoroughly confused as you attempt to understand the various penalties that DUI and DUID charges carry in the Centennial State.

Are Colorado's saturation patrols effective?

One of the favored DUI deterrence tactics used by Colorado law enforcement agencies is sending out a swarm of police cars to look for impaired drivers. Known as saturation patrols, these swarms of police -- many of whom have special training to identify signs of intoxication by alcohol, marijuana and other drugs -- are often used on special weekends.

Helping college students contend with underage DUI

Colorado has more than its share of college towns. From Denver to Boulder and from Fort Collins to Colorado Springs -- and a number of spots in between -- there are institutions of higher learning to be found. As is almost always the case with higher learning, there is also a higher rate of partying going on. Let's face it: parties, drinking and hanging out with friends has been a part of college life since your great-grandparents were young.

Study looks at alcohol consumption by county

If you live in one of the areas of Colorado famous for its ski resorts, you might well be someone who drinks alcohol on a regular basis. However, new research shows that folks in Aspen and Breckenridge and the like don't drink heavily. They are more likely to have a glass of wine and then call it an evening, whereas someone in Wisconsin's Menominee County might barely be getting started with a single glass of wine.

Are people in that car getting high?

The car sits there, filling with smoke. It's as if the vehicle is jammed with people smoking weed and getting high. Slowly the smoke clears, though, and neon letters inside begin to glow. "Drive High, Get a DUI," the letters spell out.

Broncos hoping to benefit from DUI punishment against Chiefs

The Denver Broncos know only part of this coming season's schedule. They know which teams they will be paired against, but they don't yet know on which dates the match-ups will occur. The NFL is releasing that information soon, but until then, the Broncos are quietly hoping to face the Kansas City Chiefs in one of the first two games of the 2015 season.

4/20 enforcement this weekend

There was a haze hovering over Denver's Civic Center Park last year during the Official 420 Rally. Giant blunt balloons hung in the sky over a large, apparently festive and mellow crowd. However, on the streets leading 4/20 revelers home, here and at cannabis celebrations around the state, police cars sat. Officers watched for signs of impairment in drivers.

Medicine cabinet DUID

The family medicine cabinet is where we keep our prescriptions given to family members for a variety of ailments. A typical cabinet today can contain everything from commonly prescribed antidepressants to antihistamines to pills to help us sleep, diet remedies, and medications to counter anxiety and pain. Used as directed, the prescriptions can bring needed relief.

How do drivers in Denver stack up against other counties?

Americans love to see how they stack up against the world and against each other. That might be one reason why the Colorado Department of Transportation has a website on which you can compare drivers in the counties in our state to see which ones arrested for DUI have the highest blood alcohol content (BAC) levels.

What is a "persistent drunk driver"?

We have likely all heard the term "persistent drunk driver." We know that persistence involves tenaciousness, and repeating behavior in spite of obstacles in a person's way. Those qualities are all involved in Colorado's designation of certain motorists as persistent drunk drivers.

Learn more about DUI/DUID penalties in Colorado

Recently, our firm published a SlideShare presentation outlining the penalties you may face for a DUI or DUID conviction in Colorado. View our presentation below for additional insight regarding the state's DUI and DUID laws.

Adderall use can add up to Colorado DUID offense

Adderall has over the years gotten much publicity, criticism and praise as a drug that can help treat ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder). It's usually part of a broader plan to treat the disorder, including counseling, help in learning how to deal appropriately with social situations and ways to learn to focus.

April Fool's Day DUI 'joke'

Denver Broncos fans likely remember linebacker Bruce Irvin of the Seattle Seahawks. He played on Seattle's winning side in Super Bowl XLVIII. Irvin has made a few headlines in his short career, including his four-game suspension to start the 2013 NFL season for violations of the league's substance abuse policy.