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4/20 enforcement this weekend

On Behalf of | Apr 16, 2015 | DUID |

There was a haze hovering over Denver’s Civic Center Park last year during the Official 420 Rally. Giant blunt balloons hung in the sky over a large, apparently festive and mellow crowd. However, on the streets leading 4/20 revelers home, here and at cannabis celebrations around the state, police cars sat. Officers watched for signs of impairment in drivers.

And arrests were made. Last year, the Colorado State Patrol reported just over 1,800 during its Spring Event Enhanced Enforcement period that stretched from mid-April to mid-May.

This year, the enhanced enforcement kicks off on Friday, April 17. The campaign is called #ZeroZero, according to a report on a statement from the CSP. The significance of the name is simple: police are aiming for zero road fatalities and will have zero tolerance for risky driving during enforcement period lasting through Tuesday, April 21.

The Patrol asked on Twitter, “Got big plans this weekend? So do we!” It said every uninformed officer will be out and about, looking for impaired drivers and others in violation of the law.

The chief of the Patrol said he and his officers don’t think it really matters why you are driving poorly — it can be due to “DUI, distraction, speed” — whatever the cause of dangerous driving, they hope to crack down on the driver.

For those who feel the handcuffs click this weekend, please know that there are Denver attorneys experienced in DUI and DUID defense to help you face the criminal justice system.