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August 2014 Archives

Labor Day is here: Colorado State Patrol stepping up DUI efforts

It’s finally here: the three-day Labor Day weekend, the unofficial end of another Denver summer. Everyone is keenly away of when they get a paid day off of work, but some readers might not be aware that the Colorado State Patrol traditionally steps up enforcement over the holiday, putting extra patrols on the highways and streets looking for drunk drivers and high drivers.

In Colorado, you've already given consent to a DUI test

The familiar flashers light up as you’re driving west on Denver’s Interstate 70. A police officer asks if you to take a chemical test that will help determine if you are driving under the influence. Here’s the situation, though: the officer knows before he or she asks that you have already consented to take the test.

The heat stays on across Colorado

While our winters are spectacular, springs gorgeous and autumns breathtaking, summer is when the heat is on in Colorado. It's also when the calendar is filled with outdoor festivals, backyard barbeques, family picnics, evening concerts, camping and all sorts of other recreational activities that take place outside.

Former Denver police officer gets 10 days in jail for DUI

The words haunt him many months after they were uttered: "Bro, I'm a cop." That's what a former Denver police officer said in November of 2013 as he was being arrested in Jefferson County for driving under the influence of alcohol.

Could a DUI affect Denver Broncos opponent?

The NFL’s preseason exhibition games begin this week. Our Denver Broncos kick off Friday night, but the real season begins a month later. And then a month after the season opener, the team faces the tough Arizona Cardinals led by Pro Bowl outside linebacker John Abraham and others.

The worst DUI days of the year

Americans love lists. The top ten Denver Broncos of all time, the top rock songs in history, the best restaurants in town, the worst haircuts, safest cars, fastest computers, and so on. Our national love of lists sometimes even includes lists of favorite lists.