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The worst DUI days of the year

On Behalf of | Aug 1, 2014 | Blood Alcohol Tests |

Americans love lists. The top ten Denver Broncos of all time, the top rock songs in history, the best restaurants in town, the worst haircuts, safest cars, fastest computers, and so on. Our national love of lists sometimes even includes lists of favorite lists.

In a data-gorged world, lists are easily read and digested, which is part of why we occasionally serve up a list or two to our readers as well. Keep reading to find the list of the five holidays on which drunk driving is most prevalent.

The top five holidays on which DUI is said to be most common includes few surprises. In fact, we begin with New Year’s Eve. Around the country, people ring in, dance out and sometimes drink up the new year.

Though efforts have been made for years to reduce the number of impaired people on our streets and highways on both New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day, there are still many people who get behind the wheel, sometimes unaware that even a few drinks can push a person past the legal blood alcohol content threshold of 0.08 percent.

Another holiday on the list isn’t really a holiday. But Super Bowl Sunday might as well be one, considering how many tens of millions of Americans enjoy the game and the gatherings with family and friends that accompany it.

July 4th: the most recent holiday was a celebration for most of us, but for several hundred Colorado residents, Independence Day resulted in a DUI. 

And then there’s the holiday fast approaching. Labor Day serves as a reason to have end-of-summer picnics and parties that mean school is resuming and football season is upon us.

Thanksgiving comes with a four-day weekend for many, which can mean plenty of time for food, families, friends and fun. Unfortunately, sometimes people have a drink too many while enjoying the good company, which can often result in a DUI arrest.

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